5 Dummy gadgets and tricks to help secure your home

Home security systems and home alarm systems are effective in preventing burglars from breaking in. They also help in alerting the occupants and local security agents that a particular home is under attack. While they are beneficial, the home security camera systems are very expensive to purchase and maintain. Economic crisis that has been affecting different nations around the globe has made citizens to rethink on their spending. Saving and spending less has become a mission for many. Although people are living on shoe string budgets, home protection is vital. You can still get to protect your home effectively by using any one of the following dummy gadgets and tricks.

Fake CCTV Cameras

Different manufacturers have become innovative by designing and producing fake CCTV cameras. They look exactly like the real ones with all the trimmings such as real camera housing, lenses, blinking light and an external wire. The difference is a dummy camera cannot record anything.

Burglars avoid detection and the first thing they do before stealing is surveillance. By surveying a particular house, they try to note the occupant’s daily movements and security systems around. If they notice a security camera around the home, they shift their target to another.

By placing the dummy cameras around the home, you create the impression that your home security monitoring system is on and working. All you need to do is inform your family members to keep it a secret within the family.

Place Beware of Dog stickers

If you have no dogs, you don’t need to worry. You can purchase beware of dogs stickers from a store near you and stick on your from windows or other strategic places. Burglars fear dogs therefore when they are surveying your home and notice the stickers, they will automatically switch their attention elsewhere.

Other stickers may include house under video surveillance or house under security watch. With such stickers, you give the burglars the impression that you have a home security system.

Electronic barking dog alarm

The electronic barking dog alarm is a device that has an electronic radar wave sense control that helps to detect any intruders. The use of radar allows the system to see any intruder through any material such as wood, glass, cement and bricks among others. It has a 100 degree wide angle detection meaning it can detect intruders easily.

The device has different variations of dog barks and by adjusting the volume; one can get to hear the sound from far. The barking sounds have been recorded to sound like a mean dog. Depending on the location you place in your home, you can adjust the radar sensitivity between distances of 10 to 20 feet. It comes with a battery backup to help power the device for long durations.

Apart from being an electronic dog alarm, one can change the sound settings from a barking dog to the tranquil sounds of a rainforest. By changing the settings, one can use it to help announce incoming visitors either in a home or a store.

Fake TV burglar prevention device

Traveling on business or for a vacation and you are worried your 50 inch flat TV or expensive jewelry will be stolen? Worry no more; all you need to do is purchase a fake TV burglar prevention device. The device when left in a dark living room, recreates the bright light of a 27” HDTV. It has LED lights built within it and are capable of filling the room with different shades of light.

It simulates all actions of a real TV such as on screen motion, scene changes, fades and swells among others. When an intruder tries to steal from your home, what they will see first is TV light illuminated in your living room. This will automatically stop them in their tracks (it creates almost a similar scene like in Home Alone 1). It is better than lamps on timer and you can get to enjoy your business trip or vacation in peace.

Leave car in the driveway and postpone newspaper delivery

If you have gone for a vacation or traveled for a business trip, you can leave your car in the driveway. This will automatically send a message that someone is at home. Any burglar seeing this will have to change their plans. If you have one car and will be away for a long time, you can request a friend or trusted neighbor to park theirs on your driveway.

You can also postpone newspaper and mail delivery at your home when you are away. If this doesn’t work, you can request a neighbor to collect them for you.